From Here to Where (EP)

by Outwards

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Reunion 06:38
Shaping the light From a futur past Presuming of changes Afraid of novelty I was just like you Waiting for days to passed like trains Watching a snapshot Of our happy times Collecting messages As a proof of you I was just like you Waiting for trains to passed like days What a beautiful day to cry It's a perfect day to die Unite like words We've lost on our way I did not forget anything at all Every single touch Every smiles and sorrow It is links we build 'Cause it make us stronger, Even if it drown us down Today I'm sure of why I've been waiting so long
It's a young girl's story Wondering how the world was From the stars above Fallen inside the fat old earth In the strangest rabbit hole A place to wander, a place to drown forever It’s a teenage girl’s story Brooding her wish to find A way out of here Tired of this fake stars hung In her personal rabbit hole She wants to grow, she wants to be tall enough To reach the top of Her personal rabbit hole I hear the tick-tock of a clock Please wake me up Eyes wide open in blur Can’t find a way back to My rabbit hole I am always changing size Never find a place that fit my hopes Sure it will be better somewhere else Safe place Safe life Safe dreams Searching for a…
Will you wait for some better days? Will you handle the absence? Are we going to stay poles apart? Searching for a crossing point?
Stand up You've got to manage I won't sympathize Anymore And if you complain once more You'll meet an army of me And if you complain once more You'll meet an army of me You're alright There's nothing wrong Self sufficiency please! And get to work And if you complain once more You'll meet an army of me And if you complain once more You'll meet an army of me You're on your own now We won't save you Your rescue squad Is too exhausted And if you complain once more You'll meet an army of me And if you complain once more You'll meet an army of me


When I moved in Paris, I had just release my second solo album and I got another one ready to be played and recorded. My new goal was to find some musicians to record it and to support it live. As I never succeeded to form a band in the south of France I thought that if I can't do it in Paris, I have a serious problem !
Few month after I moved in, Outwards was formed with five tremendous musicians. The drummer Maxime Biron, the singer Pauline Ducroux, the bassist Guillaume Leplège, the keyboardist Théophile Busschaert and the guitarist Benjamin Garson.
After one year of rehearshal and some various studio sessions, we are all proud to present you our first EP « From Here to Where ». As its name suggest, it is a collection of already released songs of I and some new stuff never played before. It is a picture of the first year of existence of Outwards.
We all hope that you'll enjoy this EP which asked a lot of work and give us tons of pleasure and joy !

Cheers - Jean Loup


released December 25, 2017

Pauline Ducroux - Lead vocal
Benjamin Garson - Guitar
Maxime Biron - Drums
Guillaume Leplège - Bass
Théophile Busschaert - Keyboard
Jean Loup Pecquais - Guitar & vocal

Track n°1 & 3 recorded at the ENS Louis Lumière by Aloyse Launay, Lisa Sarran and Lucien Krampf.
Track n°2, 4 & 5 recorded at Luna Rossa rehearsal Studio by Yohan Boisgontier, Kevin Delcourt, Dimitri Kharitonnoff.

All words and music by Jean Loup Pecquais, except track n°5 - "Army of Me / Stratus" respectivly by Björk & Billy Cohbam.

Mixed and mastered by Jean Loup Pecquais


all rights reserved



Outwards Paris, France

Outwards is a parisian alt-rock prog band. Formed in 2016, they released their first EP in 2017.

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